XY Mike Configuration

First, I setup 2 C-1000S mic's in an X-Y formation, so they were nearly touching. Not a bad setup & no phasing that I could hear. I then recorded a track onto 1 & 2 by using tracklink together with a hard pan left and right. Now here's where I did something unusual, I went to the eq section and dialed down the Low's, Mid's and High's all the way to -12db. I am using Elixer medium gauge strings and I found them to be quite bright before I dialed the eq's down.(Great strings though!!) My guitar was about 8 inches from the center of the mic'sand very close to the 10th fret. During playback because I had dialed the eq's nearly out, I had to slide the fader's all the way up past 0db and also the track level to 9db on top of that. I added some nice reverb, turned up the high frequency to about 8khz and what I heard was the nicest stereo sound I have ever recorded in my life. I also forgot to mention that I inserted the dualcomp/limiter effect. My new guitar track blends in quite nicely, there are no nuisance mid's or low's anywhere in the song. This technique I find works well for a light background guitar, any lead work I would have done differently but now the Bass and Drum track also blend in alot better without having frequency conflicts. Thanks for all your help, and I hope that this may help others as well. Cheers

Thanks to the unknown Poster!